Teochew-Styled Steamed Pomfret 潮州式蒸白鲳

This teochew-styled steamed pomfret is one of the notable teochew cuisines. But of course, we don't have to be teochew to be able to relish this delicious and appetising dish ;) By the way, I'm half hakka half hokkien haha...

The main ingredients that make this dish distinctive is the used of salted vegetables, aka picked mustard or kiam chye, sour/salted plum and lard. However, lard is omitted here. And other than white pomfret, you may also like to use silver pomfret, grouper, red snapper, threadfin or seabass.
Main Ingredients:
- 1 small-sized pomfret (slightly bigger than palm size)
- 1 knob of ginger (half of it sliced and the other half julienned)
- 1 stalk scallion - usually 1 stalk has abt 3-5 sprigs  (top half cut for garnish purpose, bottom half to lay below fish)
- 1-2 salted plums (lightly crush and remove seed)
- 1 medium tomato (cut into wedges)
- 2 Chinese dried mushrooms (soak to soften and cut into strips)
- 1 small piece of pickled mustard - aka Kiam Chye (roughly 20g, wash away brine by washing under running tap and cube into small pieces)
- 1/2 box of tofu (cubed. Buy those ideal for steaming/soup)
- Pinch of salt (to rub on the fish)
- 1-2 sprigs of coriander (for garnishing - optional)

- 1 tsp soy sauce (only 1 tsp coz note the fish will be rubbed with salt prior to steaming and kiam chye and salted plum are already salty)
- 1 tsp rice wine
- 1/2 tsp sesame oil
- 4 tbs water

1) Prior to cooking, clean fish, make 1-2 cuts on the fish and rub a little salt all over. Set aside for 15-30 minutes.

2) Mix the marinade and set aside.

3) Line scallion (the bottom part) and some sliced ginger on a plate with depth. Place fish over the scallion and ginger. Insert some sliced ginger in the cavity of the fish around the bottom of the fish head.

4) Scatter julienned ginger, tomato wedges, cut mushrooms and cubed pickled mustard evenly over fish and the surrounding of the fish. Lined cubed tofu and crushed salted plum on both side of the fish.

5) Drizzle the marinade all over the fish.

6) Bring wok/steamer in water to boil. Lower fish, cover wok/steamer and steam on high heat for 8-10 minutes or until done. **One of the indicator that the fish is cooked is that the eyes of the fish will 'pop' out. Garnish with scallion and coriander. Serve hot.

Enjoy! Goes so well with a bowl of piping hot rice or porridge.

The ingredients

Scattering the ingredients evenly

Steaming in process

Goes well with a bowl of piping hot rice or porridge

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