Red Dates & Longans with Wolfberries Tea

The lazy version of the red dates & longans with wolfberries tea. 每天一杯,让你美丽从里至外 ;)No cooking required and can be consumed daily. You might want to read this interesting article written by Kat of the Kat Juju to find out about the health benefits of red dates, longans and wolfberries. And she has a few simple boil variations of the tea which you might be keen to follow.

Serving: one cup

Preparation: 5 minutes

- 6 dried red dates (seedless preferred coz less heaty)
- 3 dried longans (There are the darker and lighter color version. As advised by the shop keeper of the traditional medical hall, we can choose the ones with lighter color if we want to eat the flesh coz they taste better as compared to the dark ones.)
- 1 tsp of dried wolfberries
- brown sugar according to taste (optional. I didn't add any)
- 250ml of freshly brewed hot water.

1) Rinse red dates, longans and wolfberries and place in a cup.

2) Add hot water and let stand for 15 minutes before drinking. You can eat all the ingredients as well. Red dates, dried longans and wolfberries can be eaten on it's own without the need to cook and you simply eat them just like eating raisins.


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