German Butter Cookies

I did the Pineapple Balls and Almond Cookies for the 2013 Lunar New Year. Gonna bake these German Butter Cookies and Peanut Cookies for 2014's. Okay, I know Christmas is not even over yet but it's just less than 2 months away! Let's take this as a trial :)
I adapted this recipe from Min's Blog but I modified the recipe slightly. I don't know if it will taste better if I follow the exact recipe but for sure, the modified version isn't too bad either. In fact, my gals feedback that the cookies were very nice and I couldn't stop popping them into my mouth so it's really worth working hard on it. Erm...not really hard actually. Pretty easy to make. Anyway, I had the recipe modified at my convenience. The original recipe calls for 250g of butter. I used my favorite unsalted SCS butter that comes in 227g. And instead of plain flour, I used 100g of top flour which is better for making butter cookies. I increased the amount of icing sugar used from 80g to 100g.
These German Cookies are rather similar to my Traditional Shortbread Cookies in proportion. In fact, the differences were just the replacement of plain flour to potato starch and the corn flour to plain flour/top flour. I was using 90g of icing sugar in the shortbread cookies in view that the cookies were decorated with coco crunch and chocolate chips which will make them sweeter. I find the sweetness just right for my liking so I think these German Cookies will taste better if I up the amount of sugar in it. It's just personal preference. How do I find the cookies? I think they taste like buttery Kueh Bangkit! LoL!
Using 1/2 tbs of dough (here's the measuring spoons I used when I bake), this recipe makes roughly 60 pieces.
Ingredients of German Cookies in Min's (In red, what I have used)
- 250g butter (227g SCS softened unsalted butter)
- 250g potato starch (250g potato starch)
- 100g plain flour (100 top flour)
- 80g icing sugar (100g icing sugar)
1) Sift potato starch and top flour/plain flour into a bowl. Set aside.
2) Using the mixer, cream butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy.
3) Off the mixer and fold the sifted flour into the creamed mixture. Knead until combine. Wrap dough in cling wrap and rest/chill in fridge for at least 1/2 an hour.
4) Roll dough into balls and arrange them on a lined baking tray. Note: Do space them at least 2 to 3 fingers spacing apart as the cookie will spread as it bakes. Press lightly with a fork for the 'design'. In fact, pressing it with a fork is optional. If you feel lazy, forget even about pressing the cookies to flatten them. Just leave them as they are, in the sphere-liked shape. The cookies will spread and flatten as they bake, into perfect disk-liked cookies.
5) Bake in pre-heated at 150c for 20 minutes on the upper tray. They don't have to be browned. Cool on rack before storing in air-tight containers.

- 牛油 250g (我用 SCS 227g 无盐牛油)
- 糖粉 80g (我用100g糖粉)
- 马铃薯粉 250g  
- 面粉 100g  (我用100g高级低筋面粉)

1) 面粉和马铃薯粉过筛后,搁置一边。
2) 把牛油和糖粉用搅拌机打至发白。
3) 加入马铃薯粉和面粉,拌匀成面团。用保鲜膜把面团包起,置于冰箱,让面团休息约30分鈡。

4) 把面团揉成小粒, 再用叉子稍微压扁。注意:排放时,面团之间需相隔远一些。因为饼在烘的过程中会慢慢膨胀。排得太密会粘在一起喔。

5) 放进预热的烤箱烤以150c烤约20分钟。注意:无需烤至金黄。待凉后,才收入密封盒。

Before baking...

The potato starch

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  1. Hi Angela, can I replace the potato starch with corn starch ? thanks !
    an may i suggest you not to use aluminium foil for baking. Use the baking paper instead. Try to search about the info about aluminium foil for baking, no good for health. cheers !