Cute Steamed Egg Cakes

Traditional steamed egg cakes with a twist. Quick and easy using only 3 ingredients. This recipe was originally the kueh bahulu recipe. I shared the recipe with my friend Yean Leng and she was so 'brave' to try steaming it! And I was quite surprised that she told me it was delicious and the steamed cakes were wiped out before she knew it. So it gave me the idea to try drawing design (which I have seen online) using the batter added with food color.

Okay so before you start, here's a few important notes, it's a MUST-READ to ensure a successful attempt and result:
- Use room temperature eggs.
- Eggs and sugar must be beaten until light and fluffy (Be patience, don't be too eager to fold in the flour)
- When folding the flour into the eggs and sugar mixture, mix until just combine. DO NOT over-mix which will result in a batter that is too fine and watery.
- DO NOT open the cover just to peep or add water during steaming.

For more Q & A and design ideas, please click here and here. Click here for the video.

Recipe yield roughly 14 - 16 pieces for doing this ladybug design. **Note: If you are doing other designs which require more or less colored batter, the quantity yield may varies. And some batter might be also be wasted during the process.

- 180g plain flour
- 180g fine sugar
- 6 eggs (room temperature)
- brown coloring
- red coloring

1) Beat eggs n sugar till light and fluffy. Add in the sifted flour.

2) Scoop 1 tbs of the batter into a piping bag. Snip a small hole and set aside.

3) Scoop 8 tbs of the batter into another piping bag, add in the brown coloring to achieve the desired shade and mix well. Snip a small hole and set aside.

4) Add red coloring to the rest of the batter and mix well.

5) Line paper cups in the muffin tray. Fill the cups 3/4 full with the pink batter. Using the brown batter, draw a 'T' starting from the middle. Fill the top half with the brown batter and draw dots on the bottom. Using the white batter, make two dots on the upper brown portion. Lastly, make a dot in the white dot using brown batter.

6) Bring water to boil and lower cakes into pot or pan. Steam under medium heat for 15 minutes.


Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.


  1. would it be very sweet as the flour and sugar is in same amount

    1. Hi Hui Kee, not at all. I mean to me and to alot of ppl who have tried. Otherwise u can reduce the amount of sugar if u find it sweet.

  2. Angela,if oversteam d cakes will poof out?