QQ Sweet Potato Mochi 番薯麻糍

Base on ping pong ball size, this recipe yields roughly 8 pieces.

- 200g sweet potato
- 40g fine sugar
- 75g glutinous rice flour
- 1 tsp oil
- Desiccated coconut

1) De-skin sweet potato, cut into small pieces and steam till soft.

2) Mash steamed sweet potato.

3) Add flour, sugar and oil into the mashed sweet potato and knead to form a dough.

4) Divide dough into 2 equal portions and steam 1 of the portion for 15 minutes.

5) Combine the steamed and raw dough.

6) Roll dough into ping pong size ball and place balls wide apart on greased tray/plate (To prevent balls from sticking together and on tray/plate)

7) Steam for 10 minutes.

8) Coat done mochi with desiccated coconut. Serve warm or chilled (Original recipe didnt suggest serving chilled but I did a 'test' and feel that it taste good too when chilled)


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