Easy Chocolate Tart 简易巧克力挞

This recipe yields 10 tarts (size of tart tin: base diameter 1 3/4-inch, top diameter 2 3/4-inch. See below for a picture of the tart tin used.)

- 100g plain flour (all purpose flour)
- 60g cold butter (cubed)
- 30g powder sugar (icing sugar)
- 2 tbs whisked egg
- 300g semi-sweet chocolate break into small pieces (I used VanHouten semi sweet chocolate x 2) 
- Toppings - M&M chocolate minis/roasted chopped nuts/icing deco etc (optional)

1) Sift sugar and plain flour into a bowl. Rub in cold butter until mixture resemble breadcrumbs. Add egg and knead into a dough. Chill dough for 30 minutes.

2) Divide dough into 10 portion and press into tart tins. Use a fork to make holes on the base of dough and bake in pre-heated at 200c for 15-18 minutes. When done, cool on rack and remove tart shells from molds.

3) In a heavy pan, melt chocolate under low heat. When chocolate started to melt, remove from heat and continue to stir until chocolate completed melted.

4) Spoon chocolate into the tart shells.

5) Optional - Decorate with desire topping.

6) Chill in fridge for 30 minutes or until chocolate is semi set. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Not to exceed 45 minutes. Prolong chilling is not necessary and not encourage coz the chocolate will solidify in cool temperature and become hard.**STORAGE: However, if u cant finish all the tarts in one go, it's ok to keep the tarts in the fridge. Just bring out the tarts (with the chocolate hardened) to warm up at room temperature 30 minutes prior to consuming. 30 minutes is enough to let the chocolate soften again.


Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.
 Tart tin 挞模

这个食谱可以做10个巧克力挞。(挞模尺寸: base diameter 1 3/4-inch, top diameter 2 3/4-inch。看上图。)

- 100克 普通面粉
- 60克 冷牛油(切成小方粒)
- 30克 糖霜
- 2汤匙 蛋液
- 300克半甜巧克力(断成小块)
- M&M巧克力迷你/烤碎果仁等 (装饰 用- 可有可无)

1)糖和面粉过筛放入碗中。把冷牛油放入过筛的糖和面粉中,用指尖揉搓牛油和粉, 直到两者混合成类似于面包屑的状态。加入鸡蛋后,揉搓成面团。面团放置冰箱冷藏30分钟。

2)把面团分成10份,然后按压入挞模。用叉子,在面团上扎孔, 再以200c的预热烤箱里烘焙约15-18分钟。完成后,放在架上冷却,才取出挞模中的挞皮。

3)用有一定厚度的小鍋,融化巧克力 (薄鐹易烧焦)*注:用小火。当巧克力开始融化,把鍋移开, 并继续搅拌,直到巧克力完全融化为止。


5)若要装饰, 就可以在盛入巧克力后就做装饰。

*注意事项:无需放置于冰箱太久。冷藏最好不超过45分钟。 因为巧克力在寒冷的温度下太久,会变得坚硬,难以咀嚼,影响口感。

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