Salted Egg Yolk King Oyster Mushrooms 奶油咸蛋杏鲍菇

You wouldn't want to miss this. Salted egg yolk recipes are so in these days. Instead of the usual chicken and seafood, it can be a meatless dish. I'm using mini king oyster mushroom here. (eryngii).

奶油咸蛋杏鲍菇 Salted Egg Yolk King Oyster Mushrooms

材料 ingredients:
~ 杏鲍菇一包约三百克 1 pack of Mini king oyster mushroom about 300g (you can use the usual big one and cut them into bite size)
~ 熟咸蛋黄三颗 (压碎) 3 cooked salted egg yolks (crushed)
~ 咖喱叶两颗 2 sprigs curry leaves (Retain the leaves only)
~ 小辣椒两条(不喜欢辣可以不放) 2 chilli padi (Those who can't take spicy food can omit this ingredient)
~ 淡奶三汤匙 3 tbs evaporated milk
~ 40g salted butter
~ 2 eggs (beaten)
~ some corn flour or plain flour

调味料 marinate:
鸡精粉 chicken seasoning powder 1-2 tsp (I use the spoon provided in the Knorr chicken seasoning powder)

1 调味料腌菇,至少三十分钟。
Marinade mushrooms with the chicken powder for at least 30 minutes.

2 菇先沾蛋液再沾粟粉,放进热油锅用高温炸至金黄色,捞起吸干油份待用。
Coat the mushroom thoroughly with beaten egg follow by corn flour before deep frying in high heat. Drain oil and set aside.

3 用干净的锅,放牛油爆香咖喱叶和小辣椒。
In a clean frying pan/wok, add butter and fry the curry leaves and chillies until fragrant.

4 倒入咸蛋黃炒至溶解散开. 之后倒入淡奶转小火。酱料拌匀后,加入先前炸好的菇。拌匀后捞起既可享用。
Add the salted egg yolks, stir-fry and make sure the yolks are further mashed. Add the evaporated milk, lower the heat and continue to fry until well mixed. Add the mushrooms and stir-fry for a while until the mushrooms are well coated with the sauce. Off heat and dish out.


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