Breakfast Cups

Breakfast Cups, nothing new but I tried using wanton skin instead, haha...bad idea. They got stuck in the muffin tin. I did oil it. Or was it because my muffin tin wasn't the non-stick type? Anyway, just stick to sliced bread okay :) and if you are gamed enough, you might want to use wanton skin too.

- 12 wanton skin or 6 sliced bread
- 6 bacons
- 6 eggs (55g)
- some oil or butter for greasing the muffin tin
- coarse black pepper and dried parsley

1) Grease muffin tin.

2) Trim away the crust of the bread (Optional - you may want to keep the crust) and roll it flat using a rolling pin. Cut bread into 2 and lay them on the muffin hole like a cross + and press down.
**Note: After I posted this, I was asked why the bread had to be flatten and also cut into 2. There are a few reasons.
a) Firstly, I was using stale bread which was already a bit dry. It was resistant to bending. It will tear even if you push it down the hole with just a little force. However, by flattening and cutting it into 2, the bread fits into the small muffin hole effortlessly.
b) Secondly, the muffin hole is kind of 'not big' so if the bread didn't get flattened, there will not be adequate space to fit the bacon and egg.
c) Thirdly, by layering the bread in a cross, the wall and base of the muffin hole gets protected so that this will reduce the tendency of the breakfast cup getting stuck when the egg solidifies. Hence easier removal from the muffin tin.

3) Pan fried bacons in frying pan until a little brown.

4) Line bacon within the bread and crack an egg in it.

5) Bake in pre-heated oven at 180c for 12 minutes.

6) Sprinkle with pepper and dried parsley.


Grease muffin tin.
Pan fry bacons till a little brown.

Trim away crust and roll bread flat using a rolling pin.
Cut into 2.
Line bread onto hole like a cross + and press down.
I was using wanton skin and I lined 2 skin as shown.
Line bacon into muffin tin as shown.
Crack an egg into each muffin hole as shown and
bake in pre-heated oven at 180c for 12 minutes.

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