Sushi 寿司

I assume everyone knows what is Sushi. Yes, Japanese food. Basically, Sushi has a base of vinegared rice and complemented by other ingredients, giving a few examples, like raw fish, other seafood like prawns, crab meat... Vegetables like cucumber, carrot and egg like tamagoyaki. There are many kind of Sushi which arises from the different types of fillings, toppings, condiments, and preparation used. I am no experts in making Japanese food, just an interesting and cute one for you Jeanie :)

- 1 cup Calrose Rice (I used Australian Kangaroo brand which is good for fried rice, Sushi and congee)
- 1 tbs seasoned rice vinegar (I used the brand Mitsukan. Note that this brand comes into 2 different type. One is the rice vinegar and the other is the one I bought, the seasoned rice vinegar. If you are buying the rice vinegar, as indicated on the label, you will need to add salt and sugar. So I opted for the latter for convenience sake since it's already seasoned.)
- Ingredients of your choice (I used sausages, nori, cheese and sesame seeds to make the 'octopuses')

* Most of the time, I make purchases at my convenient. So normally, I visit the supermarket located near my house for groceries and necessities. Other than that, when we eat out, I will visit the nearby supermarket for ad-hoc purchase too. I have no idea if there are other brand of better quality, but these were the only available brands when I need to get the items for Sushi making.

1) Use the measuring cup that comes with your cooker, measure one cup of the calrose rice and wash the rice thoroughly until water runs clear. Cook with appropriate amount of water (1 cup water to 1 1/2 cup water for the brand I was using.)

2) Once rice is cooked, transfer rice out into a bowl (I read that wooden bowl and spoon are preferred coz traditionally cooked rice is being transferred into a hangiri for mixing with the vinegar, salt and sugar. However, is there something more than adhering to the tradition? Seriously, I don't know. And I was using a ceramic bowl and plastic rice scoop.) and mix in the vinegar while the rice is still hot. Set aside to cool completely and you are ready to mould the rice and add your favourite ingredients.

3) Optional - See the pictures below to see how I make the 'octopuses'
 Make cuts on the sausages so that there will be 8 'arms'. Side track a bit, do you know that octopus has arms and not tentacles and squid and cuttlefish have 8 arms and 2 tentacles. Read here. Cook the 'octopuses' in a boiling pot of water and drain when done.
 Wash and cook the rice in the rice cooker. When done, transfer rice from the
cooker into a bowl and mix in  the seasoned vinegar while the rice is still hot.
 Mix well.
 Scoop rice into appropriate Sushi mould. This is a tad too big
coz it was supposed to be a Onigiri mould, haha.. :P
 Close lid so that the sushi will take shape.
 a) Use cheese and sesame seeds to make the eyes.
 b) Slice cooked penne or macaroni to make the mouth.
c) Cut nori into strips as ropes to 'tie' the 'octopuses' *feeling naughty :P*
 All tied up! *Hiak Hiak ;)*

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