Honey Lemon Mixture

Honey Lemon Mixture. Taking this concoction regularly helps to whiten and beautify the skin by preventing and reducing pigmentation like dark spots and freckles.

It will last you about 1-2 weeks.

You will need:
- 1 jar (
I got the 0.5L Korken jar with lid at Ikea for $1.90)
- 1 chop board
- a knife
- a wooden/plastic/ceramic tablespoon (Do not use a metal spoon to scoop honey.)

- 2 lemons* (I used 1 lemon and 1 lemon lime)
- 4 tbs honey (I used Honeyworld honey)
- cool boiled water enough to submerge the lemon slices. 

*Getting organic lemons is encouraged. Otherwise, do wash your lemons thoroughly by scrubbing them with a clean toothbrush or rub them with salt to get rid of any remaining pesticide.

1) Wash the lemons thoroughly.
2) Cut away both ends of the lemons.
3) Slice lemons and place them into the jar.
4) Add the honey.
5) Add water enough to submerge the lemon slices.
6) Lock the jar and refrigerate overnight before using.
7) To consume, simply transfer 2 slices of the lemon out of the jar into a glass and add cool drinking water to it.


I transferred 2 slices of the lemon out of the jar and put them in a mug and top up with abt 200-250ml of water. Thereafter, I proceeded to 'poke' the lemon slices with a spoon to release the pulp and juice. Taste refreshing. No bitter taste. Personally, I feel that adding a teaspoon of honey will be even better.

Gentle reminder: Always rinse ur mouth after taking acidic food like fruit juice, red wine, fruit tea etc because the food acid may cause the corrosion of our tooth enamel.
温馨提醒: 酸性食物或饮料会软化牙齿的珐琅质以导致珐琅质磨损。记得勤漱口喔! 又或者, 喝带有果酸的饮料时, 不防用吸管。这样间接的也能制造一道防线, 让果酸没那么容易触碰牙齿。

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