Steamed Chicken with Essence of chicken and Cordyceps Militaris 虫草子实体蒸鸡精鸡翅

虫草子实体蒸鸡精鸡翅。丑是丑了点, 但好吃唷 子实体补肺益肾, 促进新陈代谢。Steamed Chicken with Essence of chicken and Cordyceps Militaris. Do not be taken aback by the appearance of this dish. It may not look appetizing with the strands of messy Cordyceps Militaris (Ok, perhaps it's my lousy tab 2 without the focus function. Images look blur when taken from a near distance.) but these curly wurly enhances the energy of the lung, kidney and helps rejuvenate the body system.

- 8 chicken mid-wings
- 1 btl essence of chicken
- 1 tsp of wolf-berries (rinsed)
- 3 red dates (halved)
- 2 tsp of soy sauce
- 1 tsp of chinese wine
- a small handful of Cordyceps Militaris (about 1 tsp full)

1) Marinade wings with soy sauce and wine for 30 minutes.
2) Add wolf-berries, red dates, cordyceps militaris, essence of chicken to wings.
2) Bring water in steamer to boil, lower heat and steam wings for 30 minutes.


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