NiaoGao (Steamed & Fried style)

Niaogao (年糕), a type of sweet sticky snack, an offering to the Kitchen God during the Lunar New Year in hope that his mouth will get stuck. It was believe that in this way, when he need to go back to the heavenly palace to report on the happening on earth, he will not be able to badmouth the mortal to the Jade Emperor. Folk tales aside, eating the niaogao (年糕) was an auspicious thing to do during a new year as it sounds like niaogao (年高) and the chinese has a good wishes that goes nianniangaosheng (年年高升) which literally means raising higher year after year. Hence, when you eat it, it symbolize that you will be able to go higher...for example, achieve a promotion ;)

You can eat niaogao on it's own. It's cooked anyway. Nevertheless, I still like to have it re-cook by the steaming, fried or the deep-fried method. It will taste better when it's re-cook as it gets warm up and softened in the high heat.'s two very simple ways :) 

2-ingredient Microwave Niao Gao with shredded coconut (oneh oneh style) 微波炉年糕。清淡, 健康些。甜中带点咸。很不错喔.

-1 big niaogao
- 200g fresh shredded coconut flesh (abt $1.20 from wet market)
- 1/4 tsp salt
1) Bring water in steamer to boil and lower plate of shredded coconut flesh mixed with salt. Steam for 10 minutes and leave to cool.
2) Cut niaogao and lay apart onto plate. Microwave at high for 1.5 to 2 minutes ( depending on size) until soft.
3) Coat niaogao with shredded coconut. Serve immediately while warm.
For info:
- steaming the shredded coconut keep it fresh longer. Else it will turned sour very quickly.
- serve immediately while warm and it will taste better. Niaogao turned hard again when cooled.

2-ingredient Deep-Fried Niaogao
- Niaogao (cut into small pieces)
- Popiah Skin (get those that contain eggs so that you can just brush some water on the skin and seal it, otherwise use beaten eggs to seal after wrapping)

1) Simply wrap niaogao in popiah skin and deep-fried in oil until popiah skin turned golden.


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