Osmanthus Flower Jelly 桂花果冻

Had a pack of konnyaku jelly powder sitting in the cabinet for so long. Think its kinda boring to make fruits konnyaku jelly. So giving this Osmanthus flower jelly a try which is perfect for the warm weather and not to mention, the health benefits of this flower. Dried Osmanthus flowers can be found in most traditional medical halls.

(Source: Divine Glowing Health) Benefits of Osmanthus Flower:
◾Dispels cold and dampness in the body.
◾Wonderful for treating colds, they can get decrease the mucus caused by inflamed lungs and reduce coughing.
◾Improves overall lung health.
◾Treats menstrual pain, as well as regular stomach pain.
◾Treats tooth aches
◾Warms stomach, improves digestion, treats intestinal diseases and reduces the amount of stomach gas.
◾Used to tranquilise an active liver.
◾Removes many toxins from the body.
◾Brilliant for enhancing eyesight, reducing bad breath and moisturising the skin.
◾Lastly, it’s a great thirst quencher.

- 1 pack of pre-sweetened konnyaku jelly powder (the one I used requires 500ml of water)
- 2 tsp dried Osmanthus flowers
- 500ml water
- 1-2 tsp wolfberries (soak for 15-20 min until puffy)

1) Bring the water to boil and lower the flame. Add in konnyaku jelly powder, osmanthus flowers and wolfberries (drained away water for soaking).
2) Cooked for another 5 minutes until jelly powder is dissolved. Off heat. Let mixture cool off slightly and ladle into moulds.
3) Let cool, chill in fridge until set. Serve chilled.


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