Lava Croquettes 爆浆可乐饼

As easy as ABC. Makes 4 gigantic croquettes (haha!) You can make them into 8 or 16 bite-sized balls though.

- 650g potatoes
- 4 slices of cheese (sandwich slices)
- 40g breadcrumbs/crushed cornflakes
- 20g softened unsalted butter
- 1 egg
- 1 tbs corn flour
- cooking oil (for spraying)
salt and pepper to taste
dried parsley/coriander (optional)

1) Boil washed potatoes (with skin) until soften. Do a skewer test/fork test. Potatoes are done when the skewer/fork slides easily to the centre of the potatoes.

2) Peel off skin of the potatoes and mash them with a masher. Add butter, dried herbs, salt and pepper to taste. Leave to cool before shaping the balls.

3) Divide mashed potatoes into 4 portion. Roll into ball and flatten it. Fold cheese in quarter and lay on the centre of mashed potatoes. Wrap up the cheese by shaping into ball. *The reason for shaping into balls is that the croquettes will be evenly bake without the need to flip in order to get both side of the crust crispy - lazy people like me are just too lazy even to flip :P

4) If the balls aren't too soft to handle (otherwise you may want to chill it for an hour or two), coat it with the flour, lightly tap and shake to remove excess flour, dip into beaten egg and coat with breadcrumbs/crushed cornflakes.

5) Do note that the mashed potatoes and the cheese can already be eaten on its own. Prolong cooking is not require. The baking/frying process is just to crisp the crust and melt the cheese within. Hence, if you are going to fry them, when the crust turns golden brown, they are done. To bake, spray some cooking/olive oil on the surface of the croquettes and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180c for 20 minutes.
Croquettes are such a versatile dish. Always a hit with kids and even adults. Apart from being meatless, you can try the salmon version too.


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