Fried Ice-cream 'Curry Puff' 炸雪糕

Easy peasy, fuss free yet taste heavenly fried ice-cream. Crispy, crunchy and hot on the outside. Cold, sweet and soft in the inside.

- Sliced bread
- Ice-cream of your choice

1) Place a slice of bread on top of the curry puff/dumpling mould.

2) Scoop a tsp of the ice-cream and place it on the centre of the sliced bread. **IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not over fill as the ice-cream might leak and the leaking of the ice-cream during frying may cause oil to splatter.

3) Fold the sliced bread by closing the mould. Close tightly.

4) Tear away remaining bread using hand. Use a pair of scissors to trim the edge to give it a smooth finish. *Note: Google how to transform leftover bread, bread crust and even stale bread into homemade breadcrumbs. Lazy way...just eat it :P

5) Freeze puffs for at least 4 hours or more on a plate or in a ziplog bag. **Important note: Sending the puffs into the freezer is crucial. This step ensures that the ice-cream will not melt so easily.

6) Heat up the oil. Shallow fry the puffs for 15 seconds on each side or until golden.  **Important note: Make sure the oil is hot enough. I tested it by throwing a small piece of bread in the oil and it turned brown in seconds which mean it's hot enough.

7) Lay puffs on oil-absorbing paper or a paper kitchen towel to absorb the oil and serve while hot.


Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.