Chocolate Mousse

I gotten this idea from a recipe sharing page 多多开伙。I love this idea so much that I attempted to grow mint from seeds, haha... but I heeded the advise from Wokkingmum and propagated them from stem cuttings coz it's faster that way. As you can see here, it was a success! :)

- 125g dark chocolate
- 125g butter...
- 25g icing sugar
- 100ml whipping cream (I used the redman non-diary whipping cream)

1) Cut the chocolate and butter into small cubes and melt in a pot under low heat. Remove melted mixture from heat and let cool.

2) Whip the cream and icing sugar in the mixer until soft peak.

3) Make sure the chocolate mixture has completely cool before you fold in the whipped cream. Note: you can place the pot of chocolate mixture in cold water to cool it down quickly but be careful not to let the mixture solidified.

4) Stir the chocolate mixture and whipped cream until well combined.

5) Pipe or spoon the mousse into small serving glasses and let set in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

6) Ready to serve as it is or garnish with cocoa powder, grated chocolate or finely crushed oreo cookies as in pic.


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