Basil Leaves Spaghetti with Prawns and Tomatoes

Serve 4 in 15-20 min

- 350g spaghetti
- 4 tomatoes
- 10g basil leaves
- 8 tbs olive oil
- 20 medium prawns
- salt and pepper to taste

1) Soak half of the basil leaves in 4 tbs of olive oil and set aside til required. Dice the tomatoes next.

2) Cooked spaghetti in water with plenty of salt until 'al dente' and drain.

3) Cook the prawns with the balance olive oil. Dish out and set aside when done.

4) Cook tomatoes in same oil, adding salt and pepper.

5) Add spaghetti to the tomatoes together with the basil flavoured oil and toss for a minute.

6) Done. Garnish with the prawns and remaining basil leaves.


Click  here for a step-by-step tutorial.

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