Mini Chocolate Baked Cheesecake

Original recipe from this Star Recipe by Imelda. If you'd like and made the Beary Cute Baked Cheesecakes, you might like to try this out too. In fact, my DD2 prefers these chocolate flavoured ones. One of my readers actually added artificial brown coloring to entice her girl into eating the original flavour cheesecake since the child only fancy chocolate flavoured food. In my humble opinion, think adding chocolate will make it taste better. I do use artificial coloring at times but I try to avoid them if possible. If you really need colors to make the food looks appetizing and appealing, perhaps natural coloring derived and extracted from vegetable source would be more ideal. If you happen to read this, perhaps you might like to give this recipe a try? :) Hope your little girl will like it like I do - I am a huge fan of chocolate too! ;)
And and, here's the Schnauzer look-a-like cheesecake just for you Jamie. Jamie and his beloved Schnauzer, Ted are my inspiration for this design.
This recipe makes 6 serving of muffin-sized cheesecakes
Preparation 10 min
Bake 20 min
Chill at least 4 hours, best overnight.

- 1 block (250g) of cream cheese - cubed and softened (Any brand is ok. I used Philadelphia)
- 50g of castor sugar
- 50g semi-sweet melted chocolate ( I used VanHouten)
- 6 oreo cookies
- 1 egg

For decor:
-  4 and 1/2 oreo cookies (separated as shown in below pic)
- 18 pieces of chocolate chips

1) Line each cupcake case with 1 Oreo cookie. Set aside.

2) Break chocolate into small pieces and place them into a heavy pot. Melt chocolate under small heat. Once chocolate started to melt, remove pot away from heat source. Continue to stir chocolate until completely melted. Alternatively, you may like to use the microwave or water bath method.

3) Beat cream cheese and sugar until combined. Add the egg and continue to beat until just combined. *Note: Do not over-whisk after beating in the egg. It will incorporate lots of air into the mixture causing the cake to crack easily during baking. Fold in the melted chocolate and stir gently with a spatula until combined.

4) Scoop and distribute the mixture evenly into the 6 cases, decorate as shown in pictures above using the chocolate chips and the balance cookies. Bake in pre-heated oven at 150deg for 20mins. **Do not worry if the cheesecakes still crack during baking. Any cracks will fuse after cooling in room temperature and a chance that it will disappear completely after chilling. Even if it did not disappear completely, it wouldn't look obvious after chilling.

4) Leave baked cheesecake to cool at room temperature prior to refrigerating. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before consuming (best over-night).

The 4 1/2 cookies separated and break into pieces as shown in this pic.

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