Banana Custard Cheesecake 香蕉卡士特芝士蛋糕

Photo take using Ipad

Photo taken using Samsung Tab without zoom function hence the poor quality. Above photo taken using Ipad should be closer to the original color of the actual product.

Oreo cookies, banana and custard are such perfect combi. You wouldnt want to miss this no-bake cheesecake which is also free of gelatin. Oh yes, no mixer required too. Now, get ready a hand whisk, a pot, a knife and a weighing scale and get set, GO! ;)

Makes one 7-inch cake or 5 muffin cups of 6cm base and 8cm top (Important Note: There will be some left over cheese if you gonna make them into individual serving cups.)

- 13 oreo cookies (Use 13 cookies if you are making them into the minion design as shown. Split 5 of the cookies and use only the side with cream for decor. The side without cream can be crushed with the balance cookies to make the crust. If you are making a 7-inch cake, 10 cookies is sufficient. NOTE: For making the crust, removing the cream is not necessary)
- 45g melted butter
- 1 block of 250g cream cheese  ( softened and cubed. Any brand is fine but I used Philadelphia)
- 1 packet of 200ml fresh milk
- 80g castor/fine sugar (gonna dissolve in the heat so it doesnt really matter)
- 3 eggs (roughly 55g each)
- 20g custard powder
- 1 big ripe banana (I used montel)
- blueberries (for decor if applicable)
- chocolate chips (for decor if applicable)

1) Crush cookies using a blender. Alternatively, throw them into a ziplog bag, release the air, seal it and proceed to crush the cookies using a rolling pin. Mixed crushed cookies with melted butter and press them firmly into a 7-inch round loose base cake tin. Chill crust in fridge for 30 minutes or until firmed.

2) Combine cheese, milk, eggs, sugar and custard powder in a pot and cook at low heat. Stir constantly using a balloon whisk until the mixture thickened.** Please be patience. The mixture will thicken to the consistency of baby cereal/puree. You should know if you have weaned your young.

3) Slice banana and arrange them onto the crust (if you are making them into cups, you can cube the banana into smaller pieces.) Pour in the thickened mixture and level the surface. Let cool and chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours or until set. Note: Cover with cling wrap to prevent drying out and cracks on surface

4) Dust with cocoa powder if desire to enhance the flavour and cut to serve.

- 13块Oreo 饼干(如做以上Minion造型蛋糕,就用13块饼干。其中5块饼干需掰开,用有糖霜那面做装饰。其余没糖霜那面可以与其余饼干一同粉碎,做饼皮。若做7寸的蛋糕,10块饼干就足够了
注:做饼皮, 无需除去糖霜。整块饼干同里面的糖霜一并压碎即可)
- 1块250克软化奶油乳酪(任何品牌都可以,但我用菲力。)
- 1包200毫升鲜牛奶
- 80克细砂糖或砂糖(需煮所以会溶解,因此用哪种都行)
- 3个鸡蛋(一颗约55克)
- 20克卡士特粉
- 1只熟香蕉(用大一点的。我用montel)
- 蓝莓(用于装饰,如适用)
- 巧克力片(用于装饰, 如适用)





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