Egg White Steamed Prawns with Goji Berries

What do I do with the egg whites left from baking cookies which call for only the egg yolks? I cook them in soup, fry them and think of dishes that utilize only the egg whites. Here is one of the dishes. I love prawns and I love eggs. It's a perfect combo! Well, at least for me ;)

~400g big prawns (12~13 pcs)
~3 tbs huadiao wine
~1 tsp light soy sauce
~1/2 tbs sesame oil
~ 2 tsp goji berries
~4 to 6 egg whites (I used 6)
~1 sprig of spring onion (half of it chopped and half of it cut into thin strips as topping)
~ pinch of salt

1) After cleaning prawns, pat dry and marinate for half an hour with salt, soy sauce, wine and sesame oil.

2) Arrange prawns on a plate.

3) Prior to steaming, pour egg whites over prawns and scatter goji berries and chopped spring onion.

4) Bring water in pan/wok to boil, lower plate of prawns and steam under high heat for about 5 mins or until prawns turn red and egg whites are set.

5) Top with balance spring onion.

Simple yet delicious.


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