No-bake White Chocolate Cheesecake

White Chocolate No-bake cheesecake. I assure you wouldn't want to miss this. No heavy cream, no whipping cream, no gelatin, no egg, yet rich and creamy without the overwhelming sweetness. It was no surprise that it was a hit.

Makes one 7-inch cake

Ingredients A
200g oreo original or golden cookies (crushed) * you don't have to remove the cream.
80g butter (melted)
- Drizzle butter into crushed cookies and mixed well. Press cookie crumbs into the loose base cake tin and chill the crust in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or until firm.

Ingredients B
500g softened cream cheese (I use Philadelphia)
200g lite sour cream (Pura) *Important Note: let it stay at room temperature for 30 minutes. You don't use it cold.
30g icing sugar
300g melted white chocolate (baking chocolate or chocolate chips)
- beat cream cheese and sugar. Add sour cream and beat till combined. Fold in white chocolate.
- Pour the mixture onto the crust, level the mixture and cling wrap before chilling it in the fridge. Chill until firm (6 hours at least) or best overnight.

Dust with 1 tbs of premium cocoa powder before cutting. Serve with a cup of hot earl grey (my favorite!). Bon appetit! :)

免烤白巧克力芝士蛋糕。不过, 蛋糕无蛋喔。无奶油,无鲜奶油, 无吉利丁!


200克 Oreo饼干 (无需取出里头的cream). 放入ziplog袋, 用棒压碎。
80克 牛油 可以用碗隔热水融化或用微波炉
做法:把融化牛油加入压碎的饼干, 搅拌均匀, 倒入7寸脱底圆蛋糕模里, 用汤匙压平, 做成蛋糕的底层。放入冰箱冷藏至少30分钟让饼干底凝固。 备用。

500克 (软化了的) 奶油奶酪
200克 酸奶油 (不可用刚从冰箱取出的, 放在温室让它没那么冷了才可使用)
30克 糖霜 (筛过)
300克 白巧克力 ( 可以用碗隔热水融化或用微波炉)
做法: 奶酪和糖打至融合。加入酸奶油,继续 打至混合。最后加入融化了的白巧克力, 搅拌均匀即可。
用保鲜膜把蛋糕模包起,放入冰箱冷藏至凝固, 约6小时。最好放隔夜。
食用前, 在蛋糕表面撒/筛上可可粉, 味道更佳。

沏一杯热茶一起享用, 真是绝配, 人生一大享受哟。

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