Marshmallow Bouquet

Main Ingredients:
- 5 marshmallows
- 15g white baking chocolate
- 25 M&M milk chocolates + additional (to fill the 'vase'. The amount depends on the size of the 'vase' u gonna use)
- 5 M&M mini milk chocolates

- 5 satay sticks
- 5 color papers in green
- double-sided tape

1) Watch this video on how to make the stems using the materials above.

2) Melt white chocolate using the water bath method. *White chocolate scorches easily so personally I think this is the best method for melting white chocolate.

3) Dip the top of marshmallows into the melted white chocolate and stick the M&M milk chocolates and mini milk chocolates to form a flower design. When done, leave it on a plate until the white chocolate hardens so that the M&M milk chocolates stay secured and wont fall off.

4) Pierce satay stick from (1) into the marshmallow and pop it into the 'vase' filled with M&M milk chocolates. **Important Note: As seen in pic, I used flour topped with cocoa powder simply for illustration purposes. It is advisable to use something heavier like M&M milk chocolates, nuts or even colored candies and a deeper 'vase' so that the flower will not topple easily.

Voila! Marshmallow Bouquet for the kid's next party. Great as a centre piece too :)

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