Huai San Soup 淮山排骨汤

 Tasty soup that supplements the body, nourishes the yin and improves intellect.

- 450g pork ribs or lean meat
- 450g Huai Shan (de-skin and cut into chunks)
- 20g wolfberries (rinsed)
- 20g dried longan (rinsed)
- 1 tangerine peel
- 12 cups of water
- salt to taste

1) Wash and scald pork.
2) Bring water to boil. Add pork, huai shan and tangerine peel. Bring to boil again and reduce heat. Simmer over small heat for 2 hours.
3) 15 minutes prior to turning off the heat, add the wolfberries and dried longan.
4) Add salt to taste.


浓郁芳香, 滋补养身, 养阴益智。

- 排骨或瘦肉 450克
- 淮山 450克 (去皮切块)...
- 枸杞 20克 (略洗)
- 龙眼干 20克 (略洗)
- 陈皮 1 块
- 水 12 杯 (注: 1杯约250毫升)
- 盐少许

1) 排骨洗净, 用沸水烫过。
2) 把水煮沸, 加入烫过的排骨, 淮山与陈皮。再煮沸, 然后以小火煲2个小时。
3) 息火前15分钟加入枸杞和龙眼干。
4) 加盐调味即可。

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