Cheese Omelette

Finally! Here's my 100th blog post since I started my blog in August last year :) This is a '2-in-1' post as I will be sharing a fairly simple cheese omelette recipe and a tutorial on making a creative ELMO sandwich. If you like creative sandwiches, you may like to view some of the sandwiches that I have done in the past here and here which are pretty similar to this ELMO sandwich using the same concept.

For the cheese omelette, here's the simple 3-ingredient recipe:
- 2 eggs
- a dollop of unsalted butter (abt 1 tsp)
- a handful of shredded cheddar cheese (abt 2 tbs)
- pinch of salt and pepper (to be added to the eggs. U can omit the salt coz I find it good without the salt too.)

1) Whisk the eggs and add the salt and pepper.
2) Heat up a non-stick pan and add the butter. Once butter melted completely, add the whisked eggs.
3) Sprinkle cheese across the middle of the omelette once the edges started to firm while the centre part is still raw.
4) Flip omelette with a spatula, giving it two folds before sliding the omelette off the pan onto the serving plate.
5) Garnish with fresh or dried herbs if desire.

As for the ELMO sandwich, below are the instructions that come with a step-by-step picture illustration.
1) Use a cup and place it in the middle of the sliced bread.
2) Press down to cut out a circle.
3) Cut the circle into half.
4) Trim the semi-circle as shown.
5) You get the mouth of Elmo.
6) Use the cap of a bottled mineral water/soy sauce to cut out two small circles.
7) There you go. You got the eyes and mouth.
8) Spread strawberry jam on a slice of bread.
9) Remaining small pieces of bread can be cut into smaller pieces and get tucked at the corner as shown.
10) Place the sliced bread from (1) over the sliced bread from (8).
11) Spread Nutella on the mouth and dot the eyes with Nutella too.
12) Assemble the pieces as shown and add a cherry tomato as nose.

Voila! Welcome to Elmo's world. Hope your little one will like it :)

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