No-bake Cornflake Cookies

No-bake cornflake cookies. Just 3 ingredients. No-bake is awesome.

240g cornflakes (crushed)
200g marshmallow (cut into quarters)
80g butter (cubed)

1) Melt butter using the *double boiler method ~ Bring a half filled pot of water to boil and lower heat to a simmer. Place a bowl that fit snugly on top of the pot. Melt the butter in bowl.

2) Add melted butter into the bowl of marshmallow and place bowl on top of the pot (with simmering water). Stir marshmallow and butter with spatula until melted and well combined.

3) Remove mixture from heat and add the cornflakes. Mix well.

4) Shape mixture into a ball and lightly press. Set aside to cool. Alternatively, you can place the shaped balls into small cupcake liners.


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