Home-made Mango Ice-cream

No-churn Home-made Mango Ice-cream. It's a happy food. It's love. Just 3-ingredients :)

- 3 mangoes (I got the one from NTUC $2.95 for 3 and yield 500g of the flesh)
- 2 packets (400ml) of Emborg whipping cream
- one 392g milkmaid condensed milk (note: will be using 260g only)

1) Puree cubed mango flesh and condensed milk in blender. Set aside.

2) Whip cream until stiff peak.

3) Fold in mixture from (1) to (2) until combined.

4) Pour ice-cream mixture into a freezer safe container and lay parchment paper to prevent condensation and crystallization.

5) You may leave mixture in freezer overnight until the ice-cream is ready. Or you can stir the mixture with a fork  hourly and repeat this process for at least 3 times to break up any crystallization so that the texture of the ice-cream will be more creamy.


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